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Cross-Connection Control Specialist Certification Program
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The Cross-Connection Control Specialist is needed by administrative authorities throughout North America to assure that Cross-Connection Control programs continue to protect the drinking water. The American Backflow Prevention Association (ABPA) Certification Committee completed the task of establishing criteria for what a Cross-Connection Control Specialist needs to know. Once a person has been trained, an examination protocol had to be developed to verify the applicant's knowledge that may be used to administer a Cross-Connection Control program in accordance with the need to know criteria.

What's on the Test?

    Written Exam - The written exam is a multiple-choice type of exam covering subjects contained on the ABPA Specialist               Need-to-Know Criteria.

American Backflow Prevention Association 
Cross-Connection Control Specialist Listing


Exam Registration Instructions Video


Certification Program Administrator Notice Regarding Key Updates – May 2017


Notice to all ABPA Certified Backflow Prevention Assembly Testers and Cross-Connection Control Specialists


Starting December 2017 ABPA is eliminating the “do not publish” option for all certified personnel.  ABPA certified personnel will automatically be listed on our website.  This listing will be limited to type of certification (i.e., Tester and/or Specialist), name, certificate number and expiration date.  No other information will be posted on this listing.  This change is intended to help administrative authorities who operate cross-connection control programs verify your ABPA certification status.


 -Michael C. Ahlee

ABPA  Certification Programs Administrator


To register for an exam, please visit our site calendar.

Please Note: General exam registration closes 30 days out from the exam date. The CCC-Specialist exam can be taken at any tester exam site, barring any exceptions. 

If you already hold an ABPA Certification or if you are a member of ABPA, you have an existing profile on the ABPA website with your certification information. With your profile you can:

  • View your certifications and their expiration dates
  • Sign up for upcoming exams- The application will autofill with the information in your profile, making  registering for an exam faster and easier.
  • Track your paid application fees and print/email your receipts
  • Update your contact information to ensure you are notified properly of upcoming exams, when your certification is expiring, and that your wallet card/certificates are mailed to the correct address.
  • You can also use your profile to record and track any other certifications you may hold so that you have a complete record all in one place.

To login to your profile: Your username will be in the format of firstnamelastname. Your default password is ABPA2016. If you have trouble logging in, please try resetting your password or email for assistance. Once logged in, change your password from the default review your information to ensure it is accurate.

I lost my certificate or wallet card. How do I replace it?

To request a replacement card or certificate, you can do so by clicking one of the links below. The replacement for either the certificate or wallet card is $20.00. New! A Certified Specialist (new or recertifying) may also print their certificate on-line via their profile at no cost.


 To check the status of your and or another individual's certification, email or call 979-846-7606.

To become ABPA certified, or to learn more about the ABPA Cross-Connection Control Specialist certification program, please use the links below: 
Rules Governing the Cross-Connection Specialist Certification 
ABPA Specialist Certification Operations & Procedures Manual Need to Know Criteria & Training Information

 Exam Dates & Locations

CCC Specialist FAQ
Mike Ahlee, Certification Program Administrator 



 How to contact the Certification Program

 ABPA Certification
100 North 220th Street, Suite 400, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Phone 1-877-227-2127 .  Fax:215-564-2175

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