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Buster Backflow
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Comic Book #1

Buster Backflow® Comic Book #1 in both English and Spanish is a basic introduction about how backflow occurs and the dangers of back-siphonage by means of a simple garden hose. Three examples are used to illustrate how easily a crossconnection can be made as Traci and David, the main characters of the comic book series, fills a tub of soapy water to wash their dog. Buster Backflow® shows up to give the kids a lesson on backflow prevention and examples of how we can protect against backflow. David and Tracie learn their lesson as they quickly spot two more examples of potential hazards in their neighborhood. As two disbelievers, Mr. Benson and his neighbor tells the kids that backflow is a lot of bunk, Buster Backflow® appears once again to reinforce to Tracie and David their lesson on keeping our drinking
water safe.


Comic Book #2 

Buster Backflow® Comic Book #2 tells how our drinking water can easily become contaminated through an irrigation system if it is not properly protected. Traci and David are at Grandma’s house where she is going to have an irrigation system installed when Buster Backflow® shows up to explain that a lawn irrigation system can be a health hazard if it is not installed properly. When the contractor shows up, Grandma is sure to tell Federico she wants her new lawn irrigation system installed correctly and safely. Buster Backflow® also explains that anyone who needs help installing an irrigation system can call the water provider for information and advice as some special permits may be required.

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Buster Backflow Comic Book #2

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