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Specialist Certification Application
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 1. Read all questions before completing the application. An incomplete or impro-perly prepared form will be returned. Questions not applicable mark N/A, all others should be answered as completely as possible to allow the Administrator to make an accurate evaluation of your credentials.

2. Every application must be accompanied with a non-refundable payment. Please make the $75 (US Dollar) online credit card payment  (MC, V, Discover, American Express).  

3. Applicants who submit satisfactory evidence of experience or education will be notified regarding the time and location of the examinations.

4. Special Request for taking examination: Should you have a disability that restricts your ability to take an exam under standard conditions, you may request special testing arrangements. Your request must accompany your application.


 Should you have any questions contact the A.B.P.A Specialist Certification Administrator at:

(877) ABPA127 (227-2127) or

Fill out & print the Specialist Application PDF Click Here!

(Application Must Be Submitted Payment) 

  If Paying online the Specialist Fee of $75.00 Click Here!


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