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The American Backflow Prevention Association is an organization whose members have a common interest in protecting drinking water from contamination through cross-connections. ABPA is an organization dedicated to education and technical assistance. Through its network of regions and chapters, local needs and interests are supported with the resources of the national organization. ABPA is committed to advancing all aspects of backflow prevention for the continued protection of all water users.


Vice President Resignation; 2019 Elections

December 13, 2018



With his letter of November 15, 2018, Peter McLaughlin has unfortunately resigned his position as Vice President of the ABPA due to health matters. The Board and I thank Peter for his many years of service to the Association, on the national and chapter level, and we wish him well as he addresses the health issues.


The Board met via conference call on November 30, 2018 to discuss our options going forward for leadership of the Association over the next two years. All Board members were present on the call, and several options were discussed. 


The Board has asked me to remain as President for one additional year (through the conference of 2020), and I have accepted their request. I am humbled to continue serving them, and you, in this manner. The Board is looking to fill the open Vice President position in the next six (6) weeks. It will assemble a small list of candidates and select our next VP from this list. He/she will serve as VP for approximately 15 months,and assume the presidency in the spring of 2020.


As such, the Board has decided to postpone by one year the Vice President elections that had been scheduled for the spring of 2019. Elections for the Directors of the odd-numbered regions will take place as scheduled, and with this announcement, I hereby officially open the nomination period for Directors in Regions 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11. The nomination period will extend through January 15, 2019, and the Board and I invite all interested and qualified candidates to apply


Below you will find links to three (3) documents:


  1. The elections announcement letter from Bill Hamrick, Chair of the Elections Committee. This is a very informative document; please read it thoroughly.

  2. Nomination Form for director of the odd-numbered regions. You must be a member of a region to nominate someone in the region, or to nominate yourself.

  3. Employer Support Form. This form is not necessary if you are self-employed. 


Thank you,





Tim Brown




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